With more than 20 kilometers length, the Olmos tunnel is the largest of South America. It will be used to irrigate Peru's north coast, incorporating 43,500 hectares of farmland, creating 72,000 jobs and benefit to 350,000 people as well as hydropower generation in the near future.


Due to the complexity of the work, it was necessary to use different additive technologies from Sika Perú in order to ensure the quality and durability of concrete structures in this important project in Peru.

In hydraulic structures (25,000 cubic meters) Sika® ViscoCrete® Technology (Sika® ViscoCrete® 1110) with the SikaFume® (micro silica) was used. In concrete structures (18,000 cubic meters) the Sikament® series as Sikament®-290N and Sikament®-306 were used depending on the additives resistance.

Sika® ViscoCrete® TECHNOLOGY

The concrete segments (10,000 cubic meters), which are manufactured and where the TBM moves, have used the Sika® ViscoCrete® technology with the additive Sika® ViscoCrete®-3330 accompanied by our steel fiber SikaFiber®-CHO 80/60 NB.

The shotcrete (38,000 cubic meters) has been a challenge since at the beginning of the tunnel the distances were short. Furthermiore the excavation of the tunnel has been going on, the distances have increased and the time from mixing until the shotcrete launches has increased to 4.5 hours.


In 2004, Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A, a subsidiary of Odebrecht won the concession of the Olmos Projects Water Diversion works. In 2006, Odebrecht Perú Ingenieria y Construction, started the construction this project. This company has been acting uninterruptedly in Peru for over 30 years and has executed the major works throughout the country contributing to the sustainable development of the regions where they act.


Crossing the Andes over 2000 m above the mountain trans-Andean tunnel, within 48 months, is a great challenge. Using conventional means of construction of underground works would be impossible. Challenged by this gold, the project acquired a machine TBM, specially designed for this challenge, has a cut hut of 5.33 meters in diameter and a total weight of the equipment exceeds 1000 tons and a total length of 320 meters. This machine has the necessary equipment for the drilling of trans-Andean tunnel that allows to execute the works in support and final lining of tunnel excavation in parallel with it.

For this task of managing the mix of shotcrete additives are used as super plasticizer Sikament®-306, SikaTard®-PE to keep the mixture cool without losing workability during transport and the pre-work to launch and during the launch our alkali free accelerator Sika® Sigunit® series L-50 AF. It should be noted that the mix of steel fiber shotcrete has SikaFiber®-LHO 45/35 NB.


Due to the characteristics of the works, they are executed in parallel on two major fronts of work: East and West. The project, thus consists of the following sub-projects:

Sub-Projects West

  • Quebrada Lajas tunnel
  • It is a lateral extension of the trans-Andean tunnel with 521 meters long and a circular section of 17.68 square meters. Has been excavated to allow the evacuation of water transferred from the trans-andean tunnel and Quebrada Lajas.
  • Trans-Andean tunnel
    Length of 20.11 kilometers completely excavated of which 12.5 kilometers are already excavated by TBM.

Sub-Projects East

  • Final Intake
    Located upstream of the dam Limón, in the ravine The Donkeys, when the dam will use lemon rises to its final height of 85 meters. It consists of the excavation and support of a tunnel with a length of 1.12 kilometers and a section of 24.36 square meters.
  • Spillway
    Concrete structure with radial gates set to evacuate capacity 1740 cubic meters per second.
  • Provisional Intake
    Located at the Limón dam, has 02 gates of 42 cubic meters per second and a conduit shielded 320 meters long and 3.50 meters diameter, allows the interconnection with the Trasandino tunnel.
  • North Peruvian Pipeline Relocation
    Considering that the original location of the North Perú pipeline (carries crude from the jungles of Perú to the coast through the mountains with an extension of 856 kilometers) generated a significant interference to the project, 5.5 kilometers of it have been relocated.
Concrete Additives

Sika additives ensure quality and durability

Limón Dam, Perú